Greensboro is the third most populated city in North Carolina and the sixty-eighth most populated city in the United States. Greensboro is the county seat for Guilford County, and was designed in 1808 with this purpose in mind. The city is centered around the central courthouse square and serves as the nexus for three separate highways: I-40, I-85, and I-73.


Greensboro, or Greensborough as it was called prior to 1895, was first settled in 1750 by Quaker migrants and was referred to as Capefair until just after the American Revolutionary War when it was renamed in honor of Major General Nathanael Greene, the leader of the rebel forces at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse on March 15, 1781.

Since then, Greensboro has lived through many other major moments in American history, playing an integral role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s when the local Woolworths became the stage for the Greensboro Sit-Ins, one of the most important nonviolent movements of the time. The former Woolworths was reopened on February 1, 2010, fifty years after the Sit-Ins began, as the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. 

Lifestyle & Area Attractions

Greensboro is home to numerous museums and parks that make life in the city interesting. Other than the International Civil Rights Center and Museum, Greensboro is also home to Greensboro Historical Museum, which houses a number of different artefacts from various historical periods, the most popular exhibit being the wardrobe and personal photographs of Dolley Madison, the fourth first lady of the United States. In addition to the historical museums, the Greensboro Science Center offers a family oriented and hands-on experience for those of any age. The Science Center is also home to the Animal Discovery Zoological Park and the Wiseman Aquarium.

If you are looking for a less structured way, however, to experience nature than through the museum, Greensboro’s many parks are the perfect place to do so. The Bog Garden is a nature preserve and botanical garden that was first opened in 1987 and has since undergone many changes to help preserve the wetland on which it sits. The Bog Garden is a wonderful example of the native flora and fauna of the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Another great park is the Greensboro Arboretum, which sits on seventeen acres and contains a whopping sixteen gardens and trails, including a butterfly garden where one can witness the beautiful insects in all their glory.

General Information

Operated by the Guilford County School District, Greensboro is ranked as one of the best cities in education. Greensboro is home for two schools of great distinction for the state of North Carolina: the Grimsley High School, which is the oldest high school in the state, being established in 1899, and the Philip J. Weaver Education Center, which is ranked as the best public high school in North Carolina by the U.S. News and World Report. Besides the top-notch public schools, Greensboro also has a number of universities including Bennett Liberal Arts College, Elon University of Law, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and the University of North Carolina: Greensboro. 

Greensboro continues the trend of North Carolina cities by having its top two employers be the local school district and the healthcare system, in this case Cone Health. However, Greensboro is also a great place for anyone interested in the political world as the next largest employers are the City of Greensboro, the United States Postal Service, and Guilford County. Bank of America and American Express round out the list of employers finishing at eighth and ninth place respectively. 

Fun Facts

Greensboro is home to the only professional ballet company in North Carolina, the Greensboro Ballet, which has proudly been performing at the Carolina Theatre of Greensboro since 1964. Besides hosting the ballet, the Carolina Theatre of Greensboro has long been providing the citizens of Greensboro with entertainment. As the only historical theatre left in the state, the “Showplace of the Carolinas” as it is often referred to, was established Halloween night in 1927 and was the first theatre in the state to show movies with sound, then called “talkies.” The theatre is now a community and performing arts center and hosts the Community Theatre of Greensboro, the Livestock Players Musical Theatre, the Greensboro Youth Symphony, and many other local entertainment groups. 


School Name Phone Students*
Academy at Smith (336)316-5866 196
Alamance Elementary (336)697-3177 503
Allen Jay Elementary (336)434-8490 471
Allen Jay Middle – A Preparatory Academy (336)819-2164 404
Allen Middle (336)294-7325 775
Archer Elementary (336)294-7335 410
Ben L. Smith High School (336)294-7300 1231
Bessemer Elementary (336)375-2585 503
Bluford Elementary (336)370-8120 306
Brightwood Elementary (336)375-2565 534
Brooks Global Elementary (336)370-8228 377
Brown Summit Middle (336)656-0432 244
C Joyner Greene Education Center (336)454-7440 79
Ceasar Cone Elementary (336)375-2595 463
Clara J Peck Elementary (336)370-8235 290
Claxton Elementary (336)545-2010 578
Colfax Elementary (336)275-4332 701
Cyrus P Frazier Elementary (336)294-7340 328
David D Jones Elementary (336)370-8230 721
Doris Henderson Newcomers Sch (336)316-5883 331
Early College at Guilford (336)316-2860 208
Eastern Guilford High (336)449-6311 1241
Eastern Guilford Middle (336)449-4255 1057
Edwin A Alderman Elementary (336)294-7320 415
EP Pearce Elementary (336)605-5480 751
Erwin Montessori (336)370-8151 238
Fairview Elementary (336)819-2890 422
Ferndale Middle (336)819-2855 722
Florence Elementary (336)819-2120 693
Gateway Education Center (336)375-2575 103
GC Middle College High (336)370-8300 134
General Greene Elementary (336)545-2015 483
George C Simkins Jr Elementary (336)697-3070 673
Gibsonville Elementary (336)449-4214 527
Gillespie Park Elementary (336)370-8640 238
Grimsley High (336)370-8180 1770
GTCC Middle College High (336)819-2957 253
Guilford eLearning University Prep (336)370-8100
Guilford eLearning Virtual School (336)370-8100
Guilford Elementary (336)316-5844 555
Haynes Inman Education Center (336)881-7170 115
Herbin Metz Education Center (336)333-7065 84
High Point Central High (336)819-2825 1232
Hunter Elementary (336)294-7345 577
Irving Park Elementary (336)370-8225 594
Jackson Middle (336)294-7350 475
James B Dudley High (336)370-8130 1372
James Y Joyner Elementary (336)545-2020 270
Jamestown Elementary (336)819-2110 437
Jamestown Middle (336)819-2100 1082
Jefferson Elementary (336)316-5870 695
Jesse Wharton Elem (336)545-3700 538
John Van Lindley Elementary (336)294-7360 490
Johnson Street Global Studies (336)819-2900 461
Julius I Foust Elementary (336)370-8155 379
Kearns Academy (336)885-7905 130
Kernodle Middle (336)545-3717 752
Kirkman Park Elementary (336)819-2905 313
Kiser Middle (336)370-8240 1009
Lincoln Academy (336)370-3471 709
Lucy Ragsdale High (336)454-7400 1370
Madison Elementary (336)375-2555 228
McLeansville Elementary (336)698-0144 314
Mendenhall Middle (336)545-2000 729
Middle College at GTCC-Greensboro (336)375-2466 155
Middle College at GTCC-High Point (336)819-4111 167
Middle College at NC A&T (336)691-0941 145
Middle College High at Bennett (336)517-1832 131
Millis Road Elementary (336)819-2125 506
Monticello-Brown Summit Elem (336)656-4010 390
Montlieu Academy of Technology (336)819-2910 525
Morehead Elementary (336)294-7370 603
Murphey Traditional Academy (336)294-7380 258
Nathanael Greene Elementary (336)685-5000 279
Northeast Guilford High (336)375-2500 923
Northeast Guilford Middle (336)375-2525 693
Northern Guilford Elementary (336)656-4032 727
Northern Guilford High (336)643-8449 1331
Northern Guilford Middle (336)605-3342 863
Northwest Guilford High (336)605-3300 2122
Northwest Guilford Middle (336)605-3333 1056
Northwood Elementary (336)819-2920 507
Oak Hill Elementary (336)819-2925 448
Oak Ridge Elementary (336)643-8410 786
Oak View Elementary (336)819-2935 483
Otis L Hairston Sr Middle (336)378-8280 724
Page High (336)370-8200 1783
Parkview Village Elementary (336)819-2945 303
Peeler Open Elementary (336)370-8270 92
Penn-Griffin Schools (336)819-2870 604
Philip J Weaver Ed Center (336)370-8282 342
Pilot Elementary (336)316-5820 647
Pleasant Garden Elementary (336)674-4321 446
Pruette SCALE Academy (336)878-5380 11
Rankin Elementary (336)375-2545 770
Reedy Fork Elementary (336)656-3723 469
Ronald E. McNair Elementary (336)691-5460 550
SCALE School (336)545-2031 17
Sedalia Elementary (336)449-4711 509
Sedgefield Elementary (336)316-5858 524
Shadybrook Elementary (336)819-2950 406
Southeast Guilford High (336)674-4300 1323
Southeast Guilford Middle (336)674-4280 949
Southern Elementary (336)674-4325 280
Southern Guilford High (336)674-4250 1021
Southern Guilford Middle (336)674-4266 754
Southwest Elementary (336)819-2992 893
Southwest Guilford High (336)819-2970 1618
Southwest Guilford Middle (336)819-2985 1198
STEM Early College @ NC A&T SU (336)370-8580 187
Sternberger Elementary (336)294-7390 413
Stokesdale Elementary (336)643-8420 569
Summerfield Elementary (336)643-8444 706
Sumner Elementary (336)316-5888 592
Swann Middle School (336)370-8110 622
T Wingate Andrews High (336)819-2800 677
Triangle Lake Montessori Elem (336)819-2883 489
UNCG Early/Middle College (336)334-3662 207
Union Hill Elementary (336)819-2130 527
Vandalia Elementary (336)370-8275 249
Waldo C Falkener Sr Elementary (336)370-8150 614
Washington Elementary (336)370-8290 372
Welborn Middle (336)819-2880 491
Western Guilford High (336)316-5800 1241
Western Guilford Middle (336)316-5833 788
Wiley Accel/Enrichment (336)370-8295 324