Charlotte, North Carolina, is located in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina, and is centered between the Sugar and Irwin Creeks. The city was built upon the land left behind from the St. Catherine’s and Rudisill gold mines which were abandoned in the early 1900s. Despite the proximity to the Catawba River, the lack of waterways has made Charlotte the epicenter for air, railway, and highway travel in North Carolina.


Considered the “shining jewel,” of North Carolina; Charlotte was established in 1768 and was named for the wife of King George III of England: Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. The citizens of the city, however, were far from royalists as shown when, during the American Revolutionary War in 1780, the angry citizens rose up and drove out the British troops, leading to General Charles Conrwallis famously referring to Charlotte as a “hornet’s nest of rebellion.” Charlotte was also home to the United States’ first gold rush in 1799 after a 12-year old boy discovered a seventeen pound solid gold rock that his family had been using as a doorstep. However, Charlotte truly blossomed after the American Civil War when it became known as the cotton processing center and railroad hub of North Carolina.

Lifestyle & Area Attractions

South End - Charlotte, NCPossibly the most well-known and publicized attraction in Charlotte is the Carowinds Amusement and Water Park. The sprawling 407 acre amusement park is home to more than fifty roller coasters, with the main attraction being the Fury 325: the world’s tallest and fastest giga roller coaster, stretching 325-feet into the air and travelling a breathtaking 95 miles-per-hour. Carowinds is also home to a wide variety of much less intense roller coasters suitable for those travelling with young children, or even for those who prefer a less extreme way of relaxing. The Yo-Yo is a perfect example of such a ride, suspending riders from an elevated, rotating, and slanting tower which spins and allows the rider to peacefully and calmly glide through the Carolina sky.

For a less thrilling experience one may visit any of Charlotte’s numerous museums, including the Aviation Museum of the Carolinas, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, or the Mint Museum of Art. The Discovery Place of Science hosts some of the most high-tech and interesting exhibits, including their current “Being Me” exhibit which utilizes high tech Kinect technology to allow patrons to explore human anatomy in a personal and in-depth way never before seen.

Charlotte is also home to a variety of beautiful parks and hiking trails that showcase the more natural wonders of Charlotte. Wing Haven, nestled away in one of the more urban areas of the city, is a bird sanctuary and French garden which sits on what was once the property of garden expert Elizabeth Lawrence. The Latta Nature Center and Preserve is another example of the beautiful scenery the Charlotte area offers. The Latta Nature Center offers sixteen miles of trails just waiting to be explored by hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders alike.

General Information

Charlotte is the second largest banking center in the United States, with Bank of America having its headquarters located in the city. Besides Bank of America, Charlotte is also home to six other Fortune 500 companies including Duke Energy and Lowes.

Charlotte is also home to the nation’s seventeenth largest school district: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) is home to 164 public elementary, middle, and high schools and educates an estimated 144,000 students. Charlotte also has a number of higher education institutions, both public and private, such as the University of North Carolina: Charlotte, Central Piedmont Community College, Wingate University, Belmont Abbey, and Davidson College.

In addition to the many prosperous industries and prestigious schools, Charlotte’s healthcare system, Atrium Health, is renowned for its mastery of multiple specialties with awards for departments of Cancer, Cardiology and Heart Surgery, Gastroenterology and GI Surgery, Neonatology, Nephrology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, and Pulmonology.

Fun Facts

Charlotte was once referred to as the “City of Churches,” due to the high number of churches in varying denominations built in the nineteenth century. Perhaps this was why world famous preacher, Billy Graham, chose to make Charlotte the base of operations for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The Billy Graham Library is also located in Charlotte, is the largest museum in the city, sitting at 40,000 square feet.


School Name Primary Phone E-Mail
Albemarle Road Elementary 980-343-6414 albemarlerdelem
Allenbrook Elementary School 980-343-6004 allenbrookelem
Ashley Park Pre K-8 School 980-343-6018 ashleyparkelem
Bain Elementary School 980-343-6915 bainelem
Ballantyne Elementary School 980-343-0413 ballantyneelem
Barnette Elementary School 980-343-0372 barnetteelem
Berewick Elementary School 980-344-1010 berewickelem
Berryhill School 980-343-6100 berryhillelem
Beverly Woods Elementary School 980-343-3627 beverlywoodselem
Billingsville Elementary School 980-343-5520 billingsvilleelem
Blythe Elementary School 980-343-5770 blytheelem
Briarwood Academy 980-343-6475 briarwoodelem
Bruns Avenue Elementary 980-343-5495 brunselem
Chantilly Montessori School 980-343-0692 chantillyelem
Charles H. Parker Academic Center 980-343-5533 barringerelem
Charlotte East Language Academy 980-343-0380
Clear Creek Elementary School 980-343-6922 clearcreekelem
Collinswood Language Academy 980-343-5820 collinswoodk-8
Cornelius Elementary School 980-343-3905 corneliuselem
Cotswold Elementary School 980-343-6720 cotswoldelem
Croft Community School 980-343-0370 croftcommunity
Crown Point Elementary School 980-343-6535 crownpointelem
David Cox Road Elementary School 980-343-6540 davidcoxroadelem
Davidson K-8 980-343-3900 davidsonelem
Devonshire Elementary School 980-343-6445 devonshireelem
Dilworth Elementary School: Latta Campus 980-343-2240 dilworthelem
Dilworth Elementary School: Sedgefield Campus 980-343-5826 sedgefieldelem
Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of Technology 980-343-0030
Druid Hills Academy 980-343-5515 druidhillselem
Eastover Elementary School 980-343-5505 eastoverelem
Elizabeth Lane Elementary School 980-343-5700 elizabethlaneelem
Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School 980-343-5475 elizabethtraditionalelem
Elon Park Elementary School 980-343-1440 elonparkelem
Endhaven Elementary School 980-343-5436 endhavenelem
First Ward Creative Arts Academy 980-343-5485 firstwardelem
Governors’ Village STEM Academy (Lower) 980-343-5268 nathanielalexanderelem
Governors’ Village STEM Academy (Upper) 980-343-5775 moreheadk8
Grand Oak Elementary School 980-343-2063 grandoakelem
Greenway Park Elementary School 980-343-5060 greenwayparkelem
Hawk Ridge Elementary School 980-343-5927 hawkridgeelem
Hickory Grove Elementary School 980-343-6464 hickorygroveelem
Hidden Valley Elementary School 980-343-6810 hiddenvalleyelem
Highland Creek Elementary School 980-343-1065 highlandcreekelem
Highland Mill Montessori Elementary School 980-343-5525 highlandmill
Highland Renaissance Academy 980-343-5511 highlandrenaissance
Hornets Nest Elementary School 980-343-6110 hornetsnestelem
Huntersville Elementary School 980-343-3835 huntersvilleelem
Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School 980-343-3625 huntingtownefarmselem
Idlewild Elementary School 980-343-6411 idlewildelem
Irwin Academic Center 980-343-5480 irwinacademiccenter
J.H. Gunn Elementary School 980-343-6477 jhgunnelem
J.V. Washam Elementary School 980-343-1071 washamelem
Joseph W. Grier Academy 980-343-5671 grieracademy
Lake Wylie Elementary School 980-343-3680 lakewylieelem
Lansdowne Elementary School 980-343-6733 lansdowneelem
Lawrence Orr Elementary School 980-343-9919 lawrenceorrelem
Lebanon Road Elementary School 980-343-3640 lebanonrdelem
Long Creek Elementary School 980-343-6095 longcreekelem
Mallard Creek Elementary School 980-343-3980 mallardcreekelem
Marie G. Davis 980-343-0006
Matthews Elementary School 980-343-3940 matthewselem
McAlpine Elementary School 980-343-3750 mcalpineelem
McKee Road Elementary School 980-343-3970 mckeerdelem
Merry Oaks International Academy 980-343-6422 merryoakselem
Montclaire Elementary 980-343-3635 montclaireelem
Mountain Island Lake Academy 980-343-6948 mountainisland
Myers Park Traditional Elementary School 980-343-5522 myersparktraditionalelem
Nations Ford Elementary School 980-343-5838 nationsfordelem
Newell Elementary School 980-343-6820 newellelem
North Academy of World Languages 980-343-0743 lydia.fergison
Oakdale Elementary School 980-343-6076 oakdaleelem
Oakhurst STEAM Academy 980-343-6482 oakhurstelem
Oaklawn Language Academy 980-343-0400 oaklawnelem
Olde Providence Elementary School 980-343-3755 oldeprovidenceelem
Palisades Park Elementary 980-343-9895 palisadesparkelem
Park Road Montessori School 980-343-5830 parkrdmont
Parkside Elementary School 980-343-9915 parksideelem
Paw Creek Elementary School 980-343-6088 pawcreekelem
Pineville Elementary School 980-343-3920 pinevilleelem
Pinewood Elementary School 980-343-5825 pinewoodelem
Piney Grove Elementary School 980-343-6470 pineygroveelem
Polo Ridge Elementary School 980-343-0749 poloridgeelem
Providence Spring Elementary School 980-343-6935 providencespring
Rama Road Elementary School 980-343-6730 ramardelem
Rea Farms STEAM Academy (980) 343-0723
Reedy Creek Elementary School 980-343-6480 reedycreekelem
Reid Park Academy 980-343-5035 reidparkelem
Renaissance West STEAM Academy 980-343-0049 renaissancewest
River Gate Elementary School 980-344-1000 rivergateelem
River Oaks Academy 980-344-1020 riveroaksacad
Selwyn Elementary School 980-343-5835 selwynelem
Shamrock Gardens Elementary School 980-343-6440 shamrockgardenselem
Sharon Elementary School 980-343-6725 sharonelem
Smithfield Elementary School 980-343-6550 smithfieldelem
South Academy of International Languages (S.A.I.L.) 980-343-5815 waddellacademy
South Pine Academy 980-343-0765 p483
Starmount Academy of Excellence 980-343-3630 starmountacademy
Statesville Road Elementary School 980-343-6815 statesvillerdelem
Steele Creek Elementary School 980-343-3810 steelecreekelem
Sterling Elementary School 980-343-3636 sterlingelem
Stoney Creek Elementary School 980-344-1030 stoneycreekelem
Thomasboro Academy 980-343-6000 thomasboroelem
Torrence Creek Elementary School 980-343-0695 torrencecreekelem
Trillium Springs Montessori School 980-343-9442 trilliumspringsmont
Tuckaseegee Elementary School 980-343-6055 tuckaseegeeelem
University Meadows Elementary School 980-343-3685 universitymeadowselem
University Park Creative Arts School 980-343-5178 universityparkelem
Villa Heights Elementary 980-343-3666 villaheightselem
Walter G. Byers School 980-343-6940 byerselem
Westerly Hills Academy 980-343-6021 westerlyhillselem
Whitewater Academy 980-343-0003 whitewateracademy
Winding Springs Elementary School 980-343-5140 windingspringselem
Windsor Park Elementary School 980-343-6405 windsorparkelem
Winget Park Elementary School 980-343-1063 wingetparkelem
Winterfield Elementary School 980-343-6400 winterfieldelem
School Name Primary Phone E-Mail
Albemarle Road Middle School 980-343-6420 albemarlerdmiddle
Alexander Graham Middle School 980-343-5810 alexandergrahammiddle
Ashley Park Pre K-8 School 980-343-6018 ashleyparkelem
Bailey Middle School 980-343-1068 baileymiddle
Berryhill School 980-343-6100 berryhillelem
Carmel Middle School 980-343-6705 carmelmiddle
Chantilly Montessori School 980-343-0692 chantillyelem
Cochrane Collegiate Academy 980-343-6460 cochranemiddle
Collinswood Language Academy 980-343-5820 collinswoodk-8
Community House Middle School 980-343-0689 communityhousemiddle
Coulwood STEM Academy 980-343-6090 coulwoodmiddle
Crestdale Middle School 980-343-5755 crestdalemiddle
Davidson K-8 980-343-3900 davidsonelem
Druid Hills Academy 980-343-5515 druidhillselem
Eastway Middle School 980-343-6410 eastwaymiddle
Francis Bradley Middle School 980-343-5750 bradleymiddle
Governors’ Village STEM Academy (Upper) 980-343-5775 moreheadk8
J.M. Alexander Middle School 980-343-3830 alexandermiddle
James Martin Middle School 980-343-5382 martinmiddle
Jay M. Robinson Middle School 980-343-6944 jrobinsonmiddle
John Taylor Williams Secondary Montessori 980-343-0040 williamsmontessori
Kennedy Middle School 980-343-5540 kennedymiddle
Marie G. Davis 980-343-0006
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School 980-343-0698 martinlutherkingmiddle
McClintock Middle School 980-343-6425 mcclintockmiddle
Mint Hill Middle School 980-343-5439 minthillmiddle
Mountain Island Lake Academy 980-343-6948 mountainisland
North Academy of World Languages 980-343-0743 lydia.fergison
Northeast Middle School 980-343-6920 northeastmiddle
Northridge Middle School 980-343-5015 northridgemiddle
Northwest School of the Arts 980-343-5500 northwesthigh
Oaklawn Language Academy 980-343-0400 oaklawnelem
Piedmont Middle School 980-343-5435 piedmontopenmiddle
Quail Hollow Middle School 980-343-3620 quailhollowmiddle
Randolph Middle School 980-343-6700 randolphmiddle
Ranson Middle School 980-343-6800 ransonmiddle
Rea Farms STEAM Academy (980) 343-0723
Renaissance West STEAM Academy 980-343-0049 renaissancewest
Ridge Road Middle School 980-344-3410 ridgerdmiddle
Sedgefield Middle School 980-343-5840 sedgefieldmiddle
South Academy of International Languages (S.A.I.L.) 980-343-5815 waddellacademy
South Charlotte Middle School 980-343-3670 southcharlottemiddle
Southwest Middle School 980-343-5006 southwestmiddle
Thomasboro Academy 980-343-6000 thomasboroelem
Walter G. Byers School 980-343-6940 byerselem
WhiteWater Middle School 980-344-3400 whitewatermiddle
Wilson STEM Academy 980-343-6070 wilsonstemms
School Name Primary Phone E-Mail
Ardrey Kell High School 980-343-0860 ardreykellhigh
Butler High School 980-343-6300 butlerhigh
Cato Middle College High School 980-343-1452 catohigh
Charlotte Engineering Early College 980-343-9898 charlotteengineeringec
Charlotte Teacher Early College 980-343-9898 ctec
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Virtual High School 980-343-3066 cmvhs
East Mecklenburg High School 980-343-6430 eastmeckhigh
Garinger High School 980-343-6450 garingerhigh
Harding University High School 980-343-6007 hardinguniversityhigh
Harper Middle College High School 980-343-0012 harperhigh
Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences 980-343-6011 hawthornehigh
Hopewell High School 980-343-5988 hopewellhigh
Independence High School 980-343-6900 independencehigh
John Taylor Williams Secondary Montessori 980-343-0040 williamsmontessori
Julius L. Chambers High School 980-343-5284 vancehigh
Levine Middle College High 980-343-9437 levinehigh
Mallard Creek High School 980-343-1341 mallardcreekhigh
Merancas Middle College @ CPCC 980-343-0035 mmchs
Military and Global Leadership Academy 980-343-6011 mgla.mgd
Myers Park High School 980-343-5800 myersparkhigh
North Mecklenburg High School 980-343-3840 northmeckhigh
Northwest School of the Arts 980-343-5500 northwesthigh
Olympic High School 980-343-3800 olympichigh
Performance Learning Center 980-343-1118 plc
Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology 980-343-5992 BerryAcadTech
Providence High School 980-343-5390 providencehigh
Rocky River High School 980-344-0409 rockyriverhigh
South Mecklenburg High School 980-343-3600 southmeckhigh
West Charlotte High School 980-343-6060 westcharlottehigh
West Mecklenburg High School 980-343-6080 westmeckhigh
William Amos Hough High School 980-344-0514 houghhigh
School Name Primary Phone E-Mail
Turning Point Academy 980-343-5231 turningpoint
School Name Primary Phone E-Mail
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Academy 980-343-0680 charlottemeckacademy
Metro School 980-343-5450 metroschool