Gastonia, North Carolina proudly proclaims itself as having “Great Places, Great People, and Great Promise,” and the town certainly lives up to its motto. Gastonia is currently one of the fastest developing cities in North Carolina, quickly bringing the old manufacturing district of the South into the modern world. Located just minutes away from Charlotte, Gastonia is fast outgrowing her role as the Queen City’s less popular adjacent and is beginning to blossom into her own, highlighting her rich history and scenic views, Gastonia offers its residents the feel of a small town in rural America without any of the hassle.


First coming to public attention in 1929 when workers at the Loray Textile Mill went on strike, Gastonia soon became a talking point for politicians and workers unions around the globe. The strike, which was organized by the Communist affiliated National Textile Workers Union, went on to inspire six novels within the first four years after the strike, including Grace Lumpkin’s To Make My Bread and Olive Tilford Dargan’s Call Home the Heart. The novels, referred to as the “Gastonia Novels” were instrumental in the spread of Marxist ideology, with Grace Lumpkin even receiving the Maxim Gorky Prize for Literature in 1933.

Lifestyle & Area Attractions

Despite being less flashy than other cities, Gastonia is far from dull. The city offers a plethora of activities and sites, perhaps the most popular being the Schiele Museum of Natural History, which is home to the only planetarium in the Charlotte area. With exhibits to rival that of the Washington, DC smithsonians, the Schiele Museum truly has something for everyone, from the “Creepy Nature” exhibit in Robinson Hall, which informs patrons on the natural phenomenon that inspired classic horror monsters, to the Catawba Indian Village, which allows museum visitors the opportunity to experience what life was like for the Native Americans who lived in the region over 400 years ago.

Besides the Schiele Museum, Gastonia also offers a number of scenic locations where visitors can hike, fish, camp, or just simply enjoy the natural world. Crowder’s Mountain State Park is located near the small town of King’s Mountain, South Carolina, Crowder’s Mountain is one of the most popular sites for Gastonia residents who want to escape the house. In addition to all the activities listed previously, Crowder’s Mountain also offers rock climbing lessons and paddling in the rivers and lakes on the park grounds.

General Information

The city of Gastonia falls under the Gaston County School District, the ninth largest school district in the state of North Carolina. Being as big as it is, Gaston County serves over 30,000 students from all different backgrounds, races, and cultures making the area schools an open and welcome environment for any and all who join. With such a big population, the school buildings are constantly being modernized and updated, a fifth high school is set to open in the city for the 2020-2021 school year.

Staying true to its roots, Gastonia remains a large manufacturing hub in the United States with its largest employer being textile company Parkdale Mills, the largest provider of spun yarn in the world. Other top employers in Gastonia include Wix Filtration Corporation, Freightliner LLC, the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, the Gaston County School System, and CaroMont Regional Medical Center.

Fun Facts

Gastonia is proud to be home to so many small businesses, many of which are owned and operated by women and people of color. The Vintage Nest is an odd mix of a furniture store and an antique mart, as business partners Jeff Lee and Wendy work to give new life to old pieces through refurbishing and restoration efforts. The end result is a sense of the vintage, old-time southern charm that Gastonia exudes. Catalyst Mercantile is another local business, instead providing hand designed and crafted clothing and jewelry for a reasonable price. Catalyst, which is an all female owned and operated business, is quickly finding its footing in the modern day, with their online store offering to ship their products anywhere in the world. Finally, Gastonia is also home to a small amount of small businesses which have been around for generations, such as Tony’s Ice Cream, which was first established in 1915 and is today still run by the founder’s descendants, serving 28 different homemade ice cream flavors and even working as a deli during the daytime.


School Name Phone Students*
Ashbrook High (704)866-6600 1286
Belmont Central Elementary (704)836-9137 734
Belmont Middle (704)836-9611 704
Bessemer City Central Elem (704)836-9108 450
Bessemer City High (704)836-9601 626
Bessemer City Middle (704)836-9602 545
Bessemer City Primary (704)836-9109 402
Brookside Elementary (704)866-6283 538
Carr Elementary (704)922-3636 706
Catawba Heights Elementary (704)836-9119 315
Chapel Grove Elementary (704)836-9113 433
Cherryville Elementary (704)836-9115 421
Cherryville High (704)836-9605 510
Costner Elementary (704)922-3522 391
Cramerton Middle (704)836-9603 858
East Gaston High (704)836-9613 862
Edward D Sadler Jr Elementary School (704)862-5895 420
Forestview High (704)861-2625 1080
Gardner Park Elementary (704)866-6082 586
Gaston Early College High School (704)922-2405 245
Gaston Early College of Medical Sciences (704)922-2405
Gaston Virtual Academy (704)836-9125 101
Gaston Virtual Academy High (704)836-9125
Gaston Virtual Academy Middle (704)836-9125
H H Beam Elementary (704)866-6618 613
Hawks Nest STEAM Academy (704)866-8467 339
Highland Sch of Technology (704)810-8816 553
Holbrook Middle (704)836-9607 788
Hunter Huss High (704)866-6610 1054
Ida Rankin Elementary School (704)836-9136 604
J B Page Primary School (704)836-9116 318
John Chavis Middle School (704)836-9606 416
Kiser Elementary (704)836-9105 368
Lingerfeldt Elementary (704)866-6094 418
Lowell Elementary (704)836-9118 488
McAdenville Elementary (704)836-9117 177
Mount Holly Middle (704)836-9610 675
New Hope Elementary (704)836-9112 507
North Belmont Elementary (704)836-9135 370
North Gaston High (704)922-5285 1092
Pinewood Elementary (704)836-9138 521
Pleasant Ridge Elementary (704)866-6096 916
Robinson Elementary (704)866-6607 441
Sherwood Elementary (704)866-6609 598
South Point High (704)836-9612 999
Southwest Middle (704)866-6290 841
Springfield Primary (704)836-9106 429
Stanley Middle (704)836-9600 683
Stuart W Cramer High (704)866-5700 1040
Tryon Elementary (704)836-9107 372
W A Bess Elementary School (704)866-6075 614
W B Beam Intermediate School (704)836-9114 203
W C Friday Middle School (704)922-5297 650
W P Grier Middle School (704)836-9604 733
Warlick Academy (704)836-9608 151
Webb Street School (704)864-9667 141
Woodhill Elementary (704)866-6295 469
York Chester Middle (704)836-9609 399